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Welcome to the 
Department of Information Technology​
Jadavpur University

About the Department

Fusion of digital communication, network technologies and software methodologies necessitates new skills and theoretical background. There is a strong requirement of large number of trained professionals to meet the growing job market in IT sector. Thus, a new star is born in the form of a new academic programme at Jadavpur University in 2000 which in turn became a full-fledged department of Information Technology in 2001. 

Sometimes, we ask ourselves, “Why do we exist as a department? And, what really drives us?” Only two words answer these two questions: Hype and Trends. As we begin to mature, we see that the department is not growing vertically rather it penetrates horizontally through all bodies of knowledge: humanities, science and technology. 

So, we grow and fly in an ever expanding space and, even, the sky is not the limit!

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